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Yes, I lie. Like everyone else. Jan. 2nd, 2006 @ 01:02 pm

I know, I said I wasn't really going to use this thing anymore.
But Julia's last post inspired me to make an update of my own.
I'm sorry sweetie, couldn't help it.


1. Greeting New Years with Ben.
2. Losing him a month later. { Almost killed me }
3. Realizing I'm nothing without my best friends. { Julie and Julia, I'm forever sorry } 
4. Tackling my grades and struggling with my parents. 
5. Saying good-bye to all the seniors who graduated and Project Grad. { I still miss you all }
6. Spending the summer relaxing and getting to know myself better. { My best summer ever }
7. Getting to know Julia a lot more through numerous sleepovers, baking random things, and Driver's Ed. { I love you kiddo. }
8. Fourth of July with friends and family - and illegal fireworks.
9. Bouncing from guy to guy and learning lessons from every single one of them.
10. Becoming manager of a band and meeting so many new people.
11. Getting my license. { God, the freedom it brings me }
12. Feeling a little more pride for my school (football games, SGA, Homecoming, ect.)
13. Meeting all the boys from So Long Hollywood, Every Waking Hour, and rocking out with them.
14. Fighting with Julie. { At least we're better. :) }
15. Dan and Justin....my new best guy-friends. I love you two.
16. Losing him again. { What doesn't kill you makes you stronger...how true it is. }
17. Getting a PSP for Christmas...hahaha
18. Coming to terms with growing up and soon leaving the house, and helping my family realize that too.
19. Meeting Casey.
20. Feeling whole again from falling in love with him. { Thank you. }


Thank you all for a beautiful, painful, adventurous, frustrating, memorable year.
I wouldn't want it any other way.

Mood: contentat peace
Music: Emery - "In a Lose, Lose Situation"

Why mourn the death of a fad. Nov. 30th, 2005 @ 07:36 pm
It's official.
Livejournal and Xanga have been killed off by Myspace.
And I gave in.

So I guess it's time to move on.
Not completely.
But most likely.

Confused yet? Good.



Mood: workingworking
Music: mewithoutYou - "January 1979"

Long since living. Nov. 11th, 2005 @ 11:58 pm

Hello livejournal-ists.
Been awhile, I know.
I'm still alive and sane.
And loving my junior year.

So far, life as been amazing. Plenty of music to jam to, lots of friends to make memories with (that didn't sound gay, I swear), and one guy to make me feel great. He's so...wonderfully calm about things. And easy to talk to. I also have decided that I'm gonna enjoy my senior class very much. Which is a new thing. So, that's cool. School has been challenging, but I love that. It makes it so worth while. Especially dropping out of the fall play, that was liberating. REALLY. And I honestly keep finding things to be grateful for each day...it's like this weird inner peace thing. I dunno, I'm just goin with it really.

Alright, that's that.
I need to crash now....parties can knock the shit outta ya.

Mood: calmcalm but tired
Music: FlyLeaf - Fully Alive

All in the name of dependency. Sep. 16th, 2005 @ 09:14 pm

So, I feel like I should update.
Therefore I will. Bitch.

Just got back from a Varsity (boys) Soccer game. We lost, 2 to 4. Eh, there are more games. I saw my buddy Homer, whom I missed talking to - we recited lines from Anchorman. That's how we roll.

Oh yeah, that flyer down below. Yeaaaah...it's old. The date got changed to OCT. 8TH, from 3-8 PM. We now have ten bands, with a raffle, vendors, relief stands, and much more; we're expecting 500 people. So add some more on to that number, and bring a buddy. lol

School is going well. AP work is kicking my ass, but I love it nonetheless. Bikle's classes are always great, and Calc is so challenging that it makes me want to go work on it more. That's so DORKISH of me to admit, but it's true. I love all my classes, except maybe Gov't, but that's ok.

Alright, I'm going to the Renassiance Festival and a skating rink show tomorrow, so I gotta rest up. Later

Mood: okayeh
Music: Von Bondies - "Not That Social"

For you, Katrina. Sep. 5th, 2005 @ 07:40 pm

You see, I had this idea. And it's actually happening. And I'm so eager for it to work out. Please come, everyone.


Mood: pensivepensive
Music: 30 Seconds To Mars - "The Kill"
Other entries
» (No Subject)

I have never seen a more stranger math teacher. I mean, ok, yeah - I've had him before. But he's such a math geek....well, duh. Anyway, he was talking about limits and when guys pop their pimples and how we had just done the same thing with math...ewww, I dunno. It was an interesting class. He ended up throwing chalk at the back door, as he usually does.

Other than that, I'm fitting into my schedule very nicely. I definitely enjoy my classes, even American Government...sorta. And, lunch is fun with all my buddies. Driving myself is definitely a relief too. So yes...I am happy at the moment. And I'm gonna kickass on grades this year. No matter what. It's gonna be a good year.

» Corrections are being made.



Yes. It's true.
You can hide if you really want to.
I've been told I'm a great driver.

And no. I will NOT drive you home or anywhere else.
So just shut the hell up right now.


» Oh the drama.


I don't care really. I've been doing this for 11 years, I really don't give a shit about the first day of school. lol But I think it will be ok, honestly.

Um...that kid and I are going on a "break". We'll be "dating" but not as a couple. Being from different schools and all, it's gonna be interesting to see how that one works out. lol There, I explained my love life in three sentences - damn I'm good...

So, I must go? Yes. Later

» (No Subject)

That was....a very enjoyable show. Awesome bands - except for The Rockvilles - and of course Countermind rocked with their Star Wars-type entrance. What a good show. I must say, I really liked the opening band....a "Sonic Bloom" I think. Yes, very nice indeed. So, I got to see plenty of friends, and they met Mike, my new guy. He was approved by all, I think. Haha, he wouldn't let go of my leg, what a freak. JUST KIDDING - he's cute, really.

Alright, so school is coming and....I'm ok with that. My driving appointment for my license is Monday and I'm hoping I don't fail. Wish my luck. Ha. And, right now, there is a massive party raging downstairs with plenty of drunk adults, so I think I'm gonna join them and help finish that alcohol. Later!

» Seven always was my lucky number.

So....I'm not single anymore? Yes. This is true.



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